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So, a little bit about myself – I am a yoga teacher, qualified Aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner based in Dublin.  I did my ytt in Rishikesh India in 2012.


I have a lot of experience with essential oils so when I encountered doTERRA I was blown away by the difference. The quality of the essential oils is exception, they impact me so positively on many different levels physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are a daily part of my life. The more I read about the giving back ethos and humanitarian efforts of doTERRA the more I was pulled in. Timing is an important magic “x factor” – when I found the oils and the company it all fitted together beautifully as I was open and had the “eyes to see”. I was ready – I literally followed my nose

I have discovered an entrepreneurial passion I didn’t know existed in me - being in this business I have watched myself grow and have come up close and personal with my limiting beliefs. If you want something new in your life you need to exit the comfort zone. I spent a good few years in the corporate space feeling unfulfilled and like a robot. I jumped ship as I could not stand that world anymore. No longer in alignment and I moved on.


I love working in the wellbeing space and supporting people, yogi’s, yoga teachers and studio owners by showing them how to use these amazing wonders from Mother Nature. I love being my own boss - it is not the “9 – 5 Monday to Friday” thing – it is better!!


I operate with the mentality and love of customer service that you would get from a small local business but with all the advantages and leverage of my partnership with doTERRA.  This global company with the soul of a small business that suits me down to the ground.





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