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Important points to consider

Enrolment kits – you get the best bang for your buck when you join with an enrolment kit as your doTERRA membership is included in the cost. You start with a good selection of essential oil to use at home, for yoga/meditation, for green cleaning and for your own personal wellbeing at a hefty discount. You will get in your first order a Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet which provides information, stickers for your oils, product guides and a welcome letter.


Customised start - you can also start with whatever oils/products you wish – create a customised selection based on your needs.



*VAT charge - Please note that VAT is an additional charge on all kits/products. Each country has a specific rate and unless you are VAT registered (and can provide the relevant registration identification) this charge is added. For further information on VAT rates and price list including/excluding VAT this link is helpful.

Postage &Package – a charge of circa 7eu. doTERRA has a Shipping Reward Program points – this allows us to collect points to get oils or other or products for free! Fab.



Loyalty Rewards Order - The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered on the program. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn points that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA products. The longer you participate, the more points you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases! (See terms and conditions below.)


(further details here https://doTERRA.com/US/en/flyers-loyalty-rewards-program) This program is optional.


Standard order – a regular one off order.


Point Value –  or PV is assigned to each product and is a separate total from the euro/dollar amount on your orders. On many products, the PV will match the wholesale value. There are a few products that the PV may be less than the cost (e.g. the Family Physician Kit).


Global company – doTERRA operates globally. I support people in Europe, the US, Australia and everywhere in between. Get in touch and let’s explore how I can support you in your essential oil journey. 😊


Online support and education included in investment – when your oils/products arrive you will receive information on how to use them effectively and safely.  We also provide online programs which go into detail on each oil and the various applications of use in a fun and interactive way.


Contact me - please feel free to contact me if you need more information or guidance in relation to the best way to start.


For the essential oils listed below, there are two enrollment kit options - Family Essentials Kit or the Home Essential kit. The difference between these kits is that with the Family Essentials Kit the oils are in 5ml bottles, in the Home essential kit they come in 15ml bottles and with a Petal Diffuser.

The Home Essentials kit is a better starter options due to the size of bottles as well as the Petal Diffuser. The Home Essentials kit is twice the cost of the Family Essentials kit however you get three times the amount of oil as well as a Petal Diffuser. The Petal Diffuser is a large diffuser that is essential for aromatic enjoyment of the essential oils. Get one - you will not regret it.


Family Essentials Kit – €115* (10 oils in 5ml size plus an extra 15ml bottle of Slim & Sassy – 11 oils in total)


Home Essentials Kit - €225* (10 oils 15ml bottles plus the Petal Diffuser)


Welcome Pack & Enrolment Fee


PETAL DIFFUSER - €39* if purchased separately

The doTERRA Petal Diffuser is a small, user-friendly diffuser that delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light, making it ideal for night time diffusion, and can cover up to 330 square feet. The Petal Diffuser has three timed settings—1, 2, and 4 hours—allowing you to customize the release of essential oils into the air. This convenient diffuser is stable, light, and easy to use—perfect for home or studio use.


The Petal Diffuser permeates an ultra-fine, yet substantial mist output into the air, releasing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of doTERRA CPTG® essential oils quickly and safely. This high quality, affordable diffuser is perfect for both novice and experienced essential oil users who want a reliable, easy-to-use essential oil diffuser.


Images below for the Family Essentials Kit and Home Essentials kit.


This kit is a great option if you are drawn to the energetic or emotional properties of essential oils. Great for emotional wellbeing. These blends are very precious and potent so I strongly recommend dilution. This kit comes with the Petal Diffuser.


Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrolment Kit - cost is circa € 173* 6 oils (5ml bottles) plus a Petal Diffuser.


6 Emotional blends in kit


Petal Diffuser -see information above


Welcome Pack & Enrolment Fee


Console – this comforting blend uses sweet floral and tree essential oils to promote feelings of comfort, powerful for emotional healing. I diffuse for yin/restorative practices and I also apply topically when needed.


Forgive – this blend has a fresh, woody aroma and helps to counteract emotions of anger and guilt, while promoting the liberating feelings of contentment, relief, and patience. When you need this blend – you need it! A grounding blend of tree and herb oils this that supports connection.


Cheer – a wonderful uplifting blend with a sunshiny, optimistic aroma it can counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down.  A blend of citrus and spice essential oils - my go to for the dark dreary winter months. Internal light.


Motivate – this is a blend of mint and citrus essential oils. It will inspire feelings of confidence and courage and will replace negative emotions like guilt and pessimism. Great if you sense a low energy vibe in yourself or others.


Passion – a truly delicious inspiring blend of spice and herb essential oils. Spicy, warm, rich aroma. When feelings of boredom and disinterest take over, this blend will help to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy. When you need that extra mojo to take on a challenge.


Peace – this floral and mint essential oils blend promotes feelings of contentment, composure, and reassurance when anxious feelings overwhelm your emotions. Great to slow down, reconnect and have a breather. Ideal for pranayama and mediation.




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