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The doTERRA company culture is driven by charity and helping the lives of others. I love that the culture is a “win win” for everyone. A win for me in enabling me to have a thriving business but also a win for local farmers in Haiti, Nepal, Somalia, Madagascar etc the list goes on etc… doTERRA plays a BIG game in terms of impacting the lives of others – I really connect to this and feel very grateful.


doTERRA is product focused business. 85% of people in doTERRA are just regular customers who order regularly and we love them. My “bread and butter” so to speak is providing exceptional customer service, adding value and serving others. In my experience, passionate product users become builders if they choose. Sharing the oils happen naturally when you love the oils, it is totally your choice you decide and I support you whatever your path.


doTERRA is family-focused business and pro-woman -  the nature of the business means you can work it to fit in with your schedule this is important to me to support and empower woman who want to create a better life for themselves and their families. You can do this part time to suit your lifestyle and goals. One of the company’s founders is a woman named Emily Wright and she is a real firecracker.


Entrepreneurship can be lonely so it is great to have a support team to plug into, to encourage and empower each other as well as celebrate our achievements. We are an amazing global team of men and women who support and learn from each other rather than compete. We play the BIG game. We have team zoom calls, webinars and regular education and business meeting both face to face and online.


What do you get from me when you join “the essential yogi tribe”


I am straight forward, direct and focus on actions that get results. Having fun, being creative and following my intuition is an integral part of how I live. I love seeing my team achieve their dreams. We believe in going for what we love – we love the work we do and the impact it has in our communities but also in communities on the other side of the world that are supplying us with these precious essential oils. We run our business from our fire, our spark.


There is a certain kind of person that is attracted to doTERRA as a business. The people I am working with share common characteristics - conscious, high energy, aware and live purposefully.


To be successful you need to invest in time and energy to come up to speed on the products as well as how the business works.  Also, you need great people skills – it is imperative that you enjoy working with people, keen to add value and making them happy.


You decide where you want to go and together we will map it out and make it happen. Collaboration is the name of the game.  I will share what I have learn on my own path but your success is down to you. Steady determined steps towards your goal. This is not a get rich quick scheme and I do not want to convey that it will happen overnight. We will create a solid foundation for long term success.


I will support you in being successful. To be a success you need to invest in your own personal development, be competent and capable and an openness to learning and being coachable. This is vital as we all started at the same place and progressed from there.


Excited to explore the opportunity to work with me + doTERRA?


Let’s have a chat – I would welcome the opportunity to explore this further with you.





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