The story of how one yoga studio owner made it work…

I had a great conversation with Hanna Larsson – a lovely yoga studio owner based in Sweden. Hanna background is in healthcare/well being – a qualified nutritionist and a training instructor – gym & aerobics background and she has managed a health studio. She has been involved in doTERRA for the last 1.5year and is a great success.

Why doTERRA? “Quality and co-impact sourcing is so important to me. The most important aspect for me is the quality – this is essential for me to endorse a product. Integrity is also key as I have invested years in my nutrition, health coaching and yoga business. I am naturally cautious and ensure I thoroughly research anything I recommend as my reputation is on the line.  

My students/clients are buying these products anyway so now they can buy them from doTERRA and I can support them with education and support. It is hard to make money as a yoga teacher. You must have products to sell. My clients and students go out and buy products, so it is important that they have can purchase from my doTERRA shop. For me education is a key to your success and building a solid business – supporting people when they get started and broadening our health to encompass physical, mental and emotional. I was able to leverage my yoga studio reputation for well being in the community so people knew they could trust my recommendations.

I have a display area in my studio with empty essential oil bottles and the
products. It was the supplements that I really fell in love with – as I am a
qualified nutritionist I knew these were very good. For me proper nutrition is the fundamental base for good health.

I hold classes on all the key components for a healthy lifestyle – nutrition, sleeping, emotions, exercise etc. Everything is important for complete well being – the doTERRA product range complemented in so easily. I have my diffuser on all the time and use oils in the classes – everyone loves them.

It is important that you have a great guide to help you get started and show you what does and does not work. I wanted to get involved with my eyes open, keep my integrity, my yoga studio reputation and not sell my soul. This was non-negotiable for me.

I tell other health professionals to make doTERRA part of who you already are – let it complement your existing business. I advise people to take it seriously and be prepared to make an investment for a strong return.


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