how to build a residual income with doTERRA – in a nutshell……

By empowering and educating people on adopting a doTERRA wellness lifestyle – supporting someone making a lifestyle change by using natural solutions. It is a long term shift that you support.

doTERRA product suite is all based around essential oils and adopting a non-toxic green lifestyle – essential oils both single and blends, personal care, weight management, supplements, household and diffusers. This list goes on and on with essential oil blends for children about to be released.

I have chosen to partner with doTERRA – due to the quality and potency of the essential oils and the other products they produce. You can build a profitable business based on natural products that complements your existing business.  Classes/workshops/one to one’s and ongoing education and support is what you provide. You need to skill up first.

What’s cool with residual income is that when we work once we can get paid many times.  The income comes in after the work has been completed. From the first month you can begin to earn commission/bonuses. How cool is that! but you need to commit and do the actual work amigos !! you need to dig in. Massive difference between committed and interested….

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