OnGuard is the BOSS BLEND.

I consider On Guard the “Don Corleone” of essential oil blends “il capo” (which means the boss) in my house. Why ? – well this blend supports healthy immune and respiratory function as well as protection against environmental threats. It protects you on a physical & emotional level. Super powerful. Kicks serious ass.

Top tips for On Guard

• Turbo charge your immunity – another “must have” in your wellness repertoire. Apply topically on the soles of your feet every day. The blend contains wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf/flower essential oils.

• Spice up – add a drop of On Guard to smoothies for a spicy kick. Soak sliced apples in water and a few drops for a healthy, immune-boosting snack

• Green cleaning – great oil to have to hand for diy cleaning products. See recipes in ebook. Ask me if you want a copy.

• Mouthwash – try swishing On Guard with a bit of water after dental work. You can also apply On Guard directly to your teeth and gums (or add a drop to your toothpaste) to soothe irritated gums. For a clean toothbrush, store it overnight in a small glass of water with 3-5 drops of the On Guard.

• Green cleaning – this blend works great in diy hand sanitisers, all-purpose cleaners as well as the OnGuard suite of cleaning products already available. OnGuard is known as the Protective blend for a good reason – also smells great.

• Christmas cheer – the blend of clove, wild orange and cinnamon make this a great festive option. It conjures up Christmas baking – get it diffusing in the run up to the season.

• Great all-rounder – having On Guard diffusing in communal work places/home setting is a great idea to keep everyone hale and hearty. Minimise the spread of infection.

Cleansing Hand gel with OnGuard recipe • 5 tablespoon Aloe vera gel • 4 tablespoons water • ¼ teaspoon vitamin e oil • 10 drops OnGuard (protective blend) • Combine the aloe vera and vitamin e in a bowl, add the OnGuard and blend. Add water depending on desired consistency. Pour in a small squeeze container.

The essential yogi tip – this is emotionally “the oil of protection” and I use it daily. For immunity over the winter months this diffuser blend works – 2 drops of On Guard, 2 drops of Wild Orange, 2 drops of Peppermint.

On Guard also comes in a handy roller bottle – dōTERRA On Guard Touch, in beadlets On Guard Beadlets, softgels – On Guard Softgels and hot off the press as a hand sanitizer.

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