The “wandering nerve” the power of the Vagus nerve..

A Superhighway in the Middle of the Body.

The Vagus nerve is really something special – the more I read up on it the more wonderful it gets. Below some top level facts

  • 10th cranial nerve in your body

  • long nerve running from hypothalamus area of the brain to chest, diaphragm, and to the intestine wrapping around the heart and core area.

  • when activate it stimulates the PNS (wine & dine) nervous system. 20% of the fibres of the vagus nerve control the organs which maintain the body (heart, digestion, breathing, glands). The other 80% of the fibres sends information from the gut to the brain.

  • the key role of the vagus nerve is as a reset button after an internal alarm has been set off. It is known as the “peace guru” and lets the body know it is safe to relax again.

  • Important point to know is that if you are living in stress mode your body is unable to heal so activating the vagus nerve is super important to bring the body back to balance and support healing processes.

How do you activate the Vagus nerve

conscious relaxation, conscious deep breathing, deeply connecting with others, laughing, meditation, expressing your emotions, certain yoga poses (childs pose, relaxed forward fold), chanting, using herbs and using essential oils/aromatherapy. The good news is we cover a lot of these in your average yoga class.

Yes essential oils can deeply support the body in the healing process. Go on – do a body good – use your oils !!

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