So its looking like Summer outside. Wondering what essential oils are best to bring when traveling?

Unexpected ailments and mini emergencies can happen when you are far from home ranging from bug bites, cuts and bruises, sun burn, aches and pains, skin eruptions and digestive issues etc. Thankfully, essential oils can help you with all of that, and more!

I use my doTERRA essential oils as my natural “medicine cabinet” in everyday life, and I always bring them with me when I travel. You can get bottles in 15ml or roller bottles so easy to carry around and use. You can also get cute mini vials to cover you for a weekend.

Here are my top oils and other products for traveling.

Lavender - a bit predictable yes but this essential oil is known as the “swiss army knife” essential oil for a good reason. Super versatile – heals sunburn, wounds and skin irritation & inflammation, headaches, improves sleep – spray on pillows to chill out over excited children. I often find it hard to settle in new surroundings when I travel – diffusing lavender really helps me relax.   

Melaleuca (Tea tree) - this essential oil does not get the praise and love that it deserves. It has the highest antibacterial properties of all essential oils – great for blemishes and skin breakouts. Use it on your feet if you are using public swimming pools – stop any nasty fungal action. Tea tree is a powerful antiseptic – soothes insect bites, effective insect repellent and great as a hand sanitizer.

Zengest - this was my savior when I traveled around India as I was eating food I had not tried before I wanted to avoid the dreaded “Delhi belly” ! its my go to for any digestive issues – constipation to bloating, nausea and cramps. I add 2 drops to either a veggie cap (more on those later) or add to a large glass of water. Alternatively, you can rub some on the abdomen area. This is an internal or topical oil for most effective use. It can help you also with travel sickness – the peppermint and ginger help sooth a jumpy stomach.

TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes – we all have some food stuff that does not agree with us – wheat, dairy, gluten etc. These digestive enzymes support your healthy digestion of food nutrients and metabolism – they really help with the pizza and pasta! I take one after a meal I think I might need extra help with or when I am eating different type of food. These capsules help prevent the bloating and stomach pain that you might usually encounter when you eat out at restaurants. They also contains the doTERRA tummy tamer blend of Peppermint, Ginger, and Caraway Seed and a proprietary blend

TriEase Softgels were developed to protect against seasonal and environmental elements and to promote a healthy respiratory system when needed most. I use them during high pollen season – great when you do not want the side effects of the drugs – no drowsiness. Each softgel contains equal parts of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils, known for their ability to maintain clear breathing and a healthy immune response when combined together

OnGuard Blend - an amazing synergy blend (oils blended together have an amplified effect) to boost the immune system. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti- fungal and immune-system supporting properties – this is a must have when travel to stop any niggles right away.

Use in a spray bottle or neat as a hand sanitizer for the plane, use on your kitchen surfaces as an anti-bacterial, use as a natural hand cleaner (when mixed with some carrier oil). It also comes in a mist formula – use as a hand sanitizer – great smelling hands.  On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist

Lemon - lemon is one of my most-used oils in general – a drop or two in my water is how I wake up and kick start my digestion. The smell is also non offensive to everyone so great option when you are sharing living spaces with other. Lemon is also a mood-booster, which is always nice to have on hand in case of dips in energy. Also, lemon like all the citrus oil is a great room deodorizer smoking, musty rooms as well as stinky shoes.

TerraShield – this is a must this time of the year. This is doTERRA’s outdoor blend that will protect you against any insects. I use this more often in the summer, and I bring it anywhere I think I’ll be spending a lot of time outside, especially in the evening. Here is a handy hack – I mix the blend into a simple plain body moisturizer and use that to apply to my exposed areas. Great to diffuse also. You can get it in a handy spray bottle also. Portable and handy.

Veggie Caps – yes these are not oils but this is how I ingest many of my oils. Some oils/blends I do not particularly like the taste (children can be very tricky). I add the drops to the veggie caps and take them like a pill.

Handy Travel Tips for using your essential oils whilst traveling

Pack carrier oil – my preference is FCO or fractionate coconut oil (liquid, colourless and odourless) but almond oil is good also.

Make up some handy blends – travel sickness, sun burn, sleep, digestive. Plan ahead. Roller bottle blend are super handy for application and making the oil last longer.

Car journeys – have peppermint handy for long trips – Elevation the joyful blend to pick the mood sweet. Create a signature spray bottle. Make smell memories!

Headaches – have peppermint or Past tense handy.

Eating larger meals than usual/bloating/constipation – use Zengest or Ginger.

Insect bites – Terrashield for prevention and Lavender on the bites diluted)

Sore shoulders/feet – Deep blue on your feet/leg’s muscles. Bliss after a day sightseeing. The effect is refreshing, and it is wonderful to wake up with fresh legs good to go.

Public swimming pools/showers – use Melaleuca on your feet.

Sleep issues – pack a portable diffuser – get the Serenity out, spray the pillow covers. Keep this a nice relaxing routine.

Anxiety/over thinking – Wild Orange will chill you out.

Tiredness/low energy – Intune blend, Peppermint both are energizing and uplifting

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